C-Me Live Productions & Events

Fresh BC Talent Quest - SEASON 7


Performers Showcase & teen band contest - 1st. Sat of each month

Fresh BC Talent Quest - SEASON 7

Presents Penticton's 1st

T E E N  B A N D

SHOW &  C O M P E T I T I O N 


Ages 9 - 18 yrs 

Teen Bands or Groups must consist of [ 3+ ] members 


Location: Tugs Tap House

260 Martin St. Penticton, BC. * Ph: 250 490 0304

Three ( 3 ) dates ONLY left to compete

1st. Saturday of each Month on

 April 6, May 4, and June 1


Band Registration Info

Bands / Groups CONFIRMED on 1st come basis of email registrations: cmelive@yahoo.com

    TEENS this is your Opportunity to perform at Penticton Peachfest with your band or group.... Sign - up NOW

    <<<<< * >>>>>

     Show starts at 1:30 PM

    Bands can select any month and MUST book their date by email.

    April 6 - open

    May 4 - open

    June 1 - open

    June 1 is the final date for Bands or Groups to compete

     MC announces the (3) Bands Advancing to FINALS after final competition

    We ask bands or group members be present for this announcement



    Band Group email Registration MUST include:

    *Band Name, Members names, Ages, Instruments played, *Parent info

    *NOTE: If you haven't a band / group name try to have name by FINALS

With each band members names indicate the following: *full name, age, vocals / instruments eg.Bob Smith, 14 yrs /bass, Barb Jones, 13 yrs /singer, ..etc, Include Parent contact name & phone #             

*IMPORTANT: Require (1) Band members PARENT as contact person: Name, Ph number / email

    RULES: TEEN Band or Group members can only compete with (1) band only to avoid "any conflict of interest " with either band or group / other.

    #1 REQUIRE to perform a (30) minute set consisting of six (6) songs.

    #2 REQUIRE List of (6) Song Titles & Artist name to be submitted for Approval and for Judges including FINALS. Submit in advance your show date.

    #3 In the event of 2 / 3 bands doing the same song(s) in the FINALS all bands contacted. Band submitting their songs/ title first have first option to keep list. *Others have option to change or keep their songs

    #4 Songs Approval based on [verse / chorus] may not contain any message(s) deemed inappropriate for guests, families attending our show.

    #5 Applies to swearing or remarks directed to all groups of faith, race, color, and or gender in any form of disrespect to person(s) or group(s) in the lyrics.

    #6 NO Foul language Please  at venue or during your stage performance

    #7 One Group competes (or more) on 1st Sat. of each month up to June 1st.  

    #8 All Minors MUST be accompanied by parent or w/Adult 19+ yrs

    #9 All band / group members to be Supportive of all Competitors at show

    #10 Event of TIE - both groups move into FINALS

    NOTE: All scores kept Confidential and Property of Fresh BC Talent Quest 

    NOTE: NO Preliminary Round and or Finals scores Announced.

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Teen Band Show Finals

Tugs Tap House – Saturday, June 22nd

FINALS Show time: 1:30 PM

Teen Band WINNER to


    TEEN Bands MUST REGISTER by email 


    Show Contact Person / Info: 250 460. 2221 (ABC1)



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